Mark Lettieri Tickets: Tour in Livermore 2022-2023

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JAN 19, 2023

Bankhead Theater, Livermore, CA

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    Biography and Tour

    Mark Lettieri is an American guitarist, composer, and producer. He is a three-time Grammy Award winner as a member of the band Snarky Puppy. He has released three solo albums and is a founding member of the bands The Meters Experience and Knower.

    Lettieri was born in San Diego, California and raised in Dallas, Texas. He started playing guitar at age 12 and began performing professionally at age 16. He attended the University of North Texas, where he studied jazz guitar under Ted Dunbar, Ed Soph, and Jack Petersen. After graduating from UNT in 2004, Lettieri moved to New York City to pursue a career in music.

    Lettieri has recorded and performed with a wide range of artists, including Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Snoop Dogg, Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Meshell Ndegeocello, and David Crosby. He has been a member of Snarky Puppy since 2010 and has appeared on all of the band’s albums. He has also released three solo albums: Knower (2013), Futurefun (2015), and Spark and Echo (2017).

    Lettieri is a founding member of the Meters Experience, a band that pays tribute to the music of The Meters. He is also a member of Knower, a duo with Louis Cole. In addition to his work as a musician, Lettieri is also a producer and sound designer. He has worked on the soundtracks for the video games Gears of War 4 (2016) and Crackdown 3 (2019).


    Lettieri has won three Grammy Awards as a member of Snarky Puppy. He won his first Grammy in 2014 for Best R&B Performance, followed by two more in 2016 for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album and Best Urban Contemporary Album.


    Solo albums

    • Knower (2013)
    • Futurefun (2015)
    • Spark and Echo (2017)

    With Snarky Puppy

    • Tell Your Story Walking (2010)
    • GroundUP (2012)
    • Family Dinner – Volume 1 (2013)
    • We Like It Here (2014)
    • Sylva (2015)
    • Culcha Vulcha (2016)
    • Immigrance (2019)

    With The Meters Experience

    • The Meters Experience (2010)
    • Live at the Blue Note Tokyo (2012)

    With Knower

    • Louis Cole and Knower (2014)
    • Live in LA (2015)
    • 1-800-BAND (2017)

    As producer or sound designer

    • Gears of War 4 (2016, video game soundtrack)
    • Crackdown 3 (2019, video game soundtrack)

    How to Buy Tour Tickets?

    If you’re a fan of Mark Lettieri, you’ll want to know how to buy tour tickets so you can see him perform live. You can also purchase VIP tickets through Lettieri’s website.

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    The first place you should look for tour tickets is the official website of the artist or band you want to see. Oftentimes, there will be a link to purchase tickets right on the homepage.

    To buy VIP tickets, visit Lettieri’s website and click on the “VIP Tickets” link. Select the number of tickets you want and fill out your contact information. A customer service representative will then contact you to complete the purchase. VIP tickets include access to a pre-show meet and greet, as well as a signed tour poster.

    Remember that the cost of concert tickets can differ based on where and when the event is. Additionally, something to keep in mind is that tax will be tacked onto the total ticket price.

    So, if you’re a fan of Mark Lettieri and you want to see him perform live, remember to purchase your tickets in advance. With VIP tickets, you’ll have access to a pre-show meet and greet, as well as a signed tour poster. So don’t wait – get your tickets today!


    The Meters Experience

    “Lettieri and his bandmates do The Meters proud, nailing the pocket funk of classics like ‘Cissy Strut’ and ‘People Say.'” – All About Jazz


    “Lettieri’s blend of technical prowess, jazz fusion leanings, and pop sensibilities results in an accessible but still challenging album.” – All Music Guide


    “Lettieri’s second solo outing is a fun and funky collection of instrumental songs that showcase his impressive guitar skills.” – All Music Guide